Ismet Tasceken

CEO of Intelly, Entrepreneur, Board Member at Tasceken Group, Soon to be an Author


Ismet Tasceken (born August 8, 1993) is a businessman, who completed his Bachelor's degree in 2016, majoring in Civil Engineering.

He started his jewelry business by establishing his own company in 2011, when he was 18 years old. The company has sold specially produced jewelry all over Turkey and Europe. Also being the first company in Turkey to sell handmade custom gold goods online at that time.

Mr.Tasceken with his technology company has entered the fintech industry in early 2016. Developing pioneering solutions in the Fin-tech field. The technology company is also very active in the development of products for the field of e-commerce.

In 2020, regarding the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic held by the leadership of Turkey's Ministry of Commerce, all merchants throughout Turkey were able to participate in Mr. Tasceken's digital transformation program.

Mr.Tasceken with his Family company Tasceken Group, continues to not only do construction, but to provide quality living spaces. Traveled a lot around the world since young ages for expanding the family business.

In 2021, the company received "Turkey's Best Luxury Housing Development Company" award and Mr. Tasceken himself took the award on stage. Until 2022, he has made various construction projects and real estate investments in Turkey and abroad.

In 2022, it continues its projects of nearly 1000 luxury villas in Bodrum and Cesme, and also hotel projects in the regions.

Mr. Tasceken was always in the real estate industry and an early adapter of blockchain. Since 2012, he is a blockchain investor.

With his passion of blockchain and deep roots in real estate industry, Mr. Ismet Tasceken was able to understand that blockchain technology is the missing key to revolutionize and adapt the real estate industry to our age of time.

Thats how the idea of Intelly was born. With his visionary approach and required knowhow of the industry, Mr. Tasceken was able to move the company forward and establish it within the industry,

With the Intelly project he launched in 2021, the company had a successful premier in 14th of January in Dubai Palazzo Versace Hotel. The Intelly platfrom is moving full speed ahead.

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